OCW 13: Landscape Urbanism

MAUD207 Elective-II / Urban Design

Coordinator: Dr Anand Wadwekar

Course outline

Through the lens of landscape, the subject operates within contemporary conditions whereby urban environments are understood as interconnected and related landscapes with far reaching implications at local and global scales. Their implications are reflected in current environmental concerns such as climate change, energy crisis and widespread pollution.

Session: 2020

Number of Students Registered: 07 (post graduate level)


  • Social significance and implications for human health, environmental justice, and urban infrastructure – case studies from Europe and India- systems of social, political and economic world

  • Urban design process, as capacity to incorporate and give physical form to our growing scientific understanding of urban regions as social ecological systems

  • Facing the climate change risks and vulnerabilities – New ways of mapping, documenting and analyzing urban environments

  • Urban Ecology and City Form- relationships among design, infrastructure, and urban development- joining the three to achieve urban climate resilience and enhance sustainability-site studies in Bhopal and Indore.

Lectures from OCW

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Assignment from OCW

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